L-51 cooperation potential within area of artificial intelligence

This note provides short description of a potential for cooperation between division L-51 and other CUT institutes or external academic and industrial partners within the area of applications of artificial intelligence methods in engineering.

Cooperation scope
We are able to provide industrial solutions in terms of expertise, services and network infrastructure in the broad scope of applications of artificial intelligence methods in engineering.
In particular we are able to:

  • participate or consult development of scientific middleware, especially in the stack of machine learning tools based on TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, etc.,
  • advise on selection of advanced computer vision libraries (OpenCV, Scikit-Image) and help in incorporation of them as a part of client tools stack,
  • help in application of the machine learning, neural network and computer vision libraries in projects involving advanced analysis of multidimensional data (for example digital images),
  • perform measurement and postprocessing of full field displacements of structural elements based on digital image correlation (DIC), using the built in-house vision system CivEng Vision,
  • support in development of neural network-based surrogate models for use in advanced numerical simulations,
  • help in development of computational models for uncertainty quantification (UQ) based on Bayesian inference methods and neural networks.

For further information please contact:
Dr Marek Słoński, prof. of CUT
E-mail: Marek.Slonski<< at >>L5.pk.edu.pl
Tel: +48 628 25 49 (or L-5 secretary: +48 628 25 46)
Institute for Computational Civil Engineering (L-5), Cracow University of Technology
Ul. Warszawska 24, 31-155 Kraków


You can download the document in pdf format here